How Often Should You Get a Paint Job?

Most experts agree that you should get a paint job every five to ten years, depending on the climate, the previous paint job, and other factors. Rust can be a small stain that grows quickly without proper maintenance or a new coat of paint. Before painting, it is important to remove any objects that may be damaged during the process. Bedrooms can take many years to paint, but the durability of the paint is relatively low compared to other options.

You can increase the life of the paint with a finishing coat. Check with your insurance company to see if they will help cover the costs of refinishing your car. Vehicle paint shops may have to remove everything inside the car during the painting process. Urethane paint is the most durable option and may not need new paint for more than five years.

Homes tend to need a new coat of paint towards the end of the deadlines. The body shop must first remove the old paint from the car and repair any damage that is present before painting. You can also paint your vehicle if you want a new color, want to maintain your vehicle after several years, or just feel that it is time for a change. Using better paint leads to a more durable finish that won't need touch-ups or a new coat for several years.

Water-based paints are an environmentally friendly option if you want your car's paint to be sustainable. If you store your vehicle in a garage with limited UV damage, you may be able to make the paint last longer.