Do I Need to Remove Exterior Paint Before Repainting?

When it comes to painting, some people may be tempted to skip the important step of paint stripping. However, this is a mistake as there are many benefits to removing old paint before starting from scratch. Whether you are an individual or a company, there are times when you need to strip paint and start anew. So, do you need to scrape off all the old paint before painting? The answer is no, it is not necessary.

You just need to remove any paint that has failed. In most cases, only problem areas where the paint has deteriorated should be removed. A fresh coat of paint from a professional painting contractor can give your property an improved appearance and the walls a new life at an affordable cost. It is a good choice when the old paint starts to fade, peel off, develop stains, or mold and other defects start to grow. It is also necessary when people want to change the look of their home, move into a new house that was previously occupied by someone else, or when they want to replace old, substandard paint with one that has a bright and durable finish. Heat can also be used in a similar way to paint strippers.

Instead of applying a chemical, a heating gun is used to cause old paint to bubble and crumble. When working on siding, windows, borders, ceilings, and other surfaces, all old paint may need to be scraped off before continuing with paint preparations. Old paint becomes an issue when it chips, peels, or cracks in some places or if it has a texture you don't want. You can always do a test by painting a small area, waiting several days and then trying to scrape it off.

After sanding, use a blower to remove any dust particles from the surface and then brush them with a large brush or clean them with isopropyl alcohol or water. Once these sections have been removed, use the sander again to remove any remaining paint and ensure that the wall is smooth and ready for painting. If everything looks good after this step, use an air blower on the bottom of the wall before applying any new coating. It is also important to call professionals or buy DIY kits on the market to check for lead in the paint and remove it before repainting. In my experience of more than 50 years painting my own house, I only sand when necessary - when the paint is loose or the surface is shiny. Painting on walls painted many years ago may not look uniform and pleasant, leading to wasted time, money, efforts and resources.

For example, if the old paint was relatively recent and in good condition, it usually doesn't need to be removed. Finally, odourless paints are also available on the market which have no traditional smell of paint or polyurethane which can cause headaches, nausea and respiratory problems.